Commercial Aircraft

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Commercial Aircraft Interior Services

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Aircraft Interior services
airplane Interior services
airplane Interior services
airplane Interior services
  • Daily Airline Interior Line Maintenance
  • Seat Repairs
  • Cockpit Cleaning
  • Seat modification
  • Seat refurbishment
  • Seat IRAN (Inspect Repair As Necessary)*
  • Seat Overhaul
  • Seat cushion repairs & modifications
  • Fabricating & modifying Cabin Curtains
  • Bulkhead & Lavatory door panel Re-surfacing with tedlar
  • Removal of old entertainment systems
  • Installation of new in-flight entertainment system (IFE)
  • Installation of in-seat power (ISP)
  • Carpet trimming, Surging & Installation
  • Seat cover repairs & modifications
  • Overhead bin repair & paint
  • Galley, lavatory & entryway flooring removal/installation
  • Lavatory shroud & door panel repair and paint
  • Lavatory Mirror Replacement/Cleaning
  • incorporate manufacturer Service Bulletin or E/C
  • 8130-3s' & log book entries are provided as necessary
*Turnaround time could be as little as 15 days for Seat IRAN. (Subject to parts availability)
*Seats will be fully boxed & strapped on pallets when shipped.

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